English Teacher, China

工作类型: 全职
薪酬 : 18,000+ RMB per month

Job title: English Teacher;

- You will teach for a maximum of 20 hours per week
- You will have a 5 day workweek, with morning and afternoons on weekends a must.
- Your classes will consist of groups ranging from 4-6 students each; mainly 2-7 years old;
- Depending on your time, you may be asked to provide a limited number of demonstration classes to potential customers, as well as to bring your energy and ideas to outside marketing activities.
- The only musts for this job are an openness to new cultures, the ability to communicate professionally across languages, and a love of teaching young learners.
You will be provided with:
- Professional training
- Academic training
- Opportunities for advancement according to your skills an interests
- Teaching materials and resources
- Opportunities for group task development, and outstanding skills showcases
- Part time opportunities for additional income.

Benefits Package
1. Basic salary: 18,000+ RMB per month (before tax);
2. Bonus system
a. Contract completion bonus,
b. Bonus for new teachers;
c. Overtime pay,
d. Quarterly bonus
e. Bonus for enrollment,

3. Allowance system
a. Housing allowance ;
b. Flight allowance;
c. Sign-in allowance;
4. Other benefits
a. Visa support: provide legal residence permit;
b. Medical & accident insurance;
c. Paid holiday:
d. Nursing Leave:
e. Maternity Leave:
f. Professional training;
g. Opportunities for promotion;
h. Airport pick-up, free hotel upon arrival, team building, etc
5. Special Benefits for teachers who have or want to bring nuclear family to China.
a. Medical & accident insurance: for foreign spouse and lineal relatives in China.
b. Housing allowance for children,
c. Local education allowance for children,
1. Native English speaker only;
2. Bachelor's or above;
3.TEFL/TESOL certificate preferred;
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